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Soccer Uniforms E-mail
Thursday, 09 August 2012


As the player-manager of our college intramural soccer team, I have been tasked with finding uniforms for our team over the last few seasons.

In town there is a local store that sells soccer uniforms and my first season in charge I went in to see about getting our team uniforms ordered. However the service was really poor, the guy seemed more interested in watching the Red Socks than listening to my order request. He did pull out a few shirts to look at and they all looked like they'd melt in the sun; really bad fabric.

Instead of the local store I decided to order online and I'm really glad I did. Our first season I ordered the shirts from Soccer Shirts Online and then bought plain white shorts from Walmart to match. The shirts were excellent, they had printed player names, and numbers plus they did us a sponsorship discount for putting their logo on the front.

We got so many comments on how great our shirts looked that I have ordered from them every season since. Now I order the shirts, shorts and socks all from the same source to save the hassle of trying to find these locally.


This is the last season that I'll be with the team as I'll be graduating (hopefully!) in the spring, but I will definately be passing on this information on to my successor.